Spool Valve - PC Series

Application :

PC Series pattern changer spool valve is designed to switch joystick functionality on equipment such as excavators. When operators move from one machine to another, they can set-up the joystick controls to function in a familiar format. This reduces re-training time, limits accidents caused by unfamiliar controls and avoids the need to switch hoses. The pattern changer is hand operated and has four inlet ports and four outlet ports. It provides 8-way, two position control of pilot signals.

Major application of spool valve is switching joystick functionality between machines made by different manufacturers.

Advanteges :

  • 1. Operated by turning the handle 90 degrees to change the joystick pattern
  • 2. Reduction in training time when switching between machines made by different manufacturers
  • 3. Compact design
  • 4. Simple, reliable operations with no electronic components
  • 5. Quick and easy to install

Materials :

Carbon steel with trivalent plating. Fitted with Nitrile seals