Multi Coupling Connectors : MACH Series

Application :

MACH Series multiplate couplings are a proven range of Mach connectors with a choice of ISO A poppet or flat couplings. The Mach reference number, 2, 4 and 7, refers to the number of hydraulic hoses that are connected simultaneously. Mach 4 and 7 connectors can also incorporate a 6 contact electrical connector rated at 25V - 60V and up to 10A. Female couplings are housed in the box, male couplings are mounted in the plug.

Advantages :

  • 1. Fast, easy connection of multiple hoses
  • 2. Connection is possible with residual pressures in the hydraulic circuit
  • 3. Prevents operators making incorrect hose connection
  • 4. Compact design and sturdy construction
  • 5. Female couplings are protected from dust and damage within a strong box equipped with a self-closing cover

Materials :

Body : Carbon steel plate box and plug on sizes 2 & 4, cast carbon steel body on size 7

Range of couplings can be mounted : 1 to 7

Threads : BSP, Metric