Demolition & Heavy Excavators : PS Series

Application :

PS Series is extra heavy duty screw couplings have been developed to withstand extreme conditions of vibration and high pressure pulses. At an independent test laboratory they have exceeded 3,000,000 impulse cycles whilst being subjected to heavy vibration in the horizontal and vertical planes. PS Series is ideal for demolition excavators and large excavators over 20 tonnes, where they can be used as replacements for valves when changing attachments or arm extenders.

Advantages :

  • 1. Excavator attachment changeover time for the hydraulic lines is just a few minutes, which is much faster     than changing over a valved or solid piped system
  • 2. When a PS25 coupling is disconnected, the oil loss is just 27 ml, this is a small fraction of the loss when     compared with valved or solid piped systems
  • 3. Can be used on 'physically demanding' applications that had previously ruled out the use of couplings
  • 4. Very high flow rating, e.g. 576 L/min at 5 bar pressure drop, without damaging the seals
  • 5. The internal seals are shielded to minimise wear. Design of the shielded seal arrangement is patented
  • 6. Can be connected and disconnected with up to 50 bar residual pressure in either one or both of the     hydraulic lines.

Size : 11/4"

Threads : SAE

Working Pressure Rating : Upto 380 Bar

Burst Pressure Rating : Upto 1520 Bar