Agricultural Equipments Coupler : IAPC Series (Connect Under Pressure)

Applications :

IAPC Series ISO.A couplings incorporate pressure relief mechanisms that enable them to be connected by hand, even when there are residual pressures in the hose lines. When male and female IAPC couplings are used, they can be connected when there is residual pressures of up to 250 bar in either of the hose lines. If an IAPC coupling is to be connected with a standard ISO.A coupling, then the hose with the IAPC coupling can have up to 250 bar residual pressure whilst the hose with the standard coupling must be at zero pressure.

Pull Break Female Coupling :

Used for connecting flexible hose lines. To connect, pull back the locking sleeve, insert the male, release the sleeve. To disconnect, pull back the locking sleeve and withdraw the male.

Push Pull Female Couplings :

The coupling is panel mounted using the circlip grooves in the locking sleeve. The male is connected by being pushed in and disconnected by being pulled out. This release mechanism protects the coupling and hose from damage in the event of an accidental separating force being applied to the connection (e.g. a trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle)

Sizes : 1/2"

Pressure Rating Available : 250 Bar